Westfield revaluation

For the 2019 tax year, the Town of Westfield, Union County, New Jersey underwent a revaluation for tax assessment purposes. Under the revaluation process, every property in town gets a new assessment. This is intended to represent 100% of market value, as of the date of valuation. (For tax assessment purposes, the date of value …

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New and improved website

A big thank you to the professionals at LaMountain Communications (ht: Eugene Sinclair) in setting me up with a great website. These guys are great!

Bridgewater Twp. Open Space

I am very pleased to see that Bridgewater Township, Somerset County has entered into a deal to purchase the Hancock properties on North Bridge Street. This acquisition adds a key parcel to the adjacent ten acres already owned by Bridgewater. We at Mark Tinder Appraisals were glad to have provided the appraisals that were required …

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Pre-purchase appraisal

A growing part of my business in recent days has been in “pre-purchase appraisals,” whereby a prospective purchaser orders an appraisal of a property (especially commercial properties) before making a firm contract purchase offer. The benefit of this should be obvious, and can be very significant: by knowing in advance what the property is worth …

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Business outreach

On Friday, March 7, 2014, Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-7) held a constituent outreach in Bridgewater Township, Somerset County. Sponsored by the Somerset County Business Partnership, this breakfast meeting featured in-depth comments and observations by Congressman Lance, along with an informative question-and-answer period after the Congressman’s remarks. After the meeting, I took the opportunity to speak …

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Tax appeal season

With the start of the new year, it’s time to think seriously about appealing the tax assessment on your property (ies).  If your property is assessed for more than it is actually worth, then by definition, you are paying more than your fair share of the tax burden for your municipality. Keep in mind, the …

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Setting the record straight on Farmland Assessment

In a recent article titled “Celebrity Hypocrites,” author and television journalist John Stossel wrote “Bon Jovi …. at tax time, …. labels himself a “farmer.” He pays only $100 in state property tax. And his tax dodge gimmick: raising honeybees.” Without commenting specifically on John Stossel or his politics (for the record: this site is …

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Tax appeal success story

I am often asked about the results of a tax appeal appraisal, and whether it really is worth the effort to file an appeal. One dramatic example may provide an answer. I was asked by a client to appraise a number of mixed-use properties (retail/commercial on the first floor, apartments on the upper floors) he …

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Tax Appeals

Are you paying too much in property taxes?  Unfortunately, if you own property in New Jersey, chances are you are paying quite a lot in taxes.  In New Jersey, property taxes are based upon the market value of the property, which is established as of October 1st of the prior tax year.  In some municipalities, …

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